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The Awards where given early because everyone voted! If you didn't get an award this month we will be given them out next month! We are taking suggestions for more awards so if you have ideas PM Lulu! Congrats everyone!
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 March writing contect.

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Most Dedicated March 2012
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Best Friends March 2012
Most Dedicated March 2012Most Likely to help OOC March 2012Best Friends March 2012

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March writing contect. Empty
PostSubject: March writing contect.   March writing contect. EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 2:09 pm

Time for the first writing contest of the site! The topic is:

Man v.s. Man

To enter just:

*Submit a short story about your character having a conflict either physically or mentally with another.

*Have three paragraphs.

*Use correct spelling and grammar

*Post here by April 1st


1st place: 500 dollars and a room (can be used for any of your characters)
2nd place:200 dollars
All other entries 75 dollars

Items Lulu has:
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Best Friends March 2012
Best Friends March 2012

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March writing contect. Empty
PostSubject: Re: March writing contect.   March writing contect. EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 2:49 pm

Holly huffed and puffed her baby blue eyes looking left and
right as she stood on the mountain ledge, where was Lulu. She picked up on a
noise not for below and jumped off the ledge extending her arms out in front of
her and shifted to her grey wolf form and landed on the ledge below with ease
and looked around with her now brown eyes and jumped down to the ledge to her
left and onto the ground and looked for the noise just as a man came and
tackled her.

She growled snapping her jaws as she kicked the man off of
her and into the nearby tree giving her time to shift back and stood in her
human form with her no torn clothing. She looked at the man as he came back
tackling her to the ground but luckily she shifted her weight and pinned him
and growled her eyes brown as he punched her in the face and kicked her in the
stomach sending her off of him and into her wolf form. She growled landing on
her side and got up seeing he now held a silver knife and growled as he circled
her, she showed her fangs and her ears where pinned back. He made a swipe at
her and Holly shot to the left and then forward scratching his side and jumped
back growling more as she ran around him a few times to get him dizzy and once
he stumbled she lunged her body at his and bit into the arm that held the
silver knife. He yelled in pain and she bit down harder until he left something
go into her side and yelped letting go and looked as he held a knife and she
hoped it wasn’t silver, it didn’t look like silver and it wasn’t feeling like
silver so she didn’t think it was. She roared at him and lunged at him again
taking him down and brought up her left paw and swiped it across the face
feeling the blood splatter across her grey fur and growled biting his arm that
held the knife he was waving round and pulled on it, she wasn’t strong enough
the tear it off but she did hear a pop so she figured she broke or dislocated it
and looked into his eyes that here full of fear and bit into his neck as the
blood covered her fur and she backed up.

She shifted blood now only on her side where her wound as
and she looked at the man she just killed and she let a breath her baby blue
eyes full of sorrow…but he attacked her first, she was just trying to find Lulu
and he attacked her and no telling why. She turned around and walked her hand
over her wound trying to put pressure on the wound until she could get home or
to the hospital….man v.s man......a deadly fight where nobody comes out the winner.
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March writing contect.
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